Twenty Questions To Ask When Planning Your Content

Twenty Questions To Ask When Planning Your Content

Create better content by answering these key questions (workbook)

To be more effective with your online communication you need to plan your content. You know this. You hear people telling you over and over.

But where to start with that?

Planning your content to a simple strategy doesn't have to mean taking days to map out complex objectives it can be as simple as making some key decisions in advance of sitting down to create your blogs, social posts and emails.

The easiest way to make decisions is by setting yourself questions to answer.

The better the question, the better your answers, the better your content is going to be (so long as you stick to the answers!).

That's why I created this this free workbook for you.

It covers all your bases with questions that get you to dig deep on key specifics, to get some great content clarity you can take with you as you create.

Use this workbook to plan individual blog posts, social posts and emails with some quick bullet points to keep you on track. Or use it as a base for a series of posts of blogs with a theme and common purpose.


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So you stay focussed and on topic with your content creation.

Chloe King

Hi I'm Chloe, designer and digital content trainer for coaches and consultants in personal development, health and wellbeing. I can take you from stuck and stressed to clear and confident with easy to understand branding, design and content marketing training. So you can connect with your clients and grow your business presence online.

You can be sure you'll get just the right amount of know-how from me. Not too much, not too little. Just what you need to get the job done. I've facilitated over four thousand hours of adult learning in the classroom as a qualified trainer. I have a Graduate Diploma in Communication, a broad creative skill-set and a special interest in photography for social media and design. I bring you no-nonsense practical training designed for really busy professionals!


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